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25+ Cosmetology Techniques Covered with live practical's with beauty regimens.


Start your own brand with our Best Product Formulation Course In India

These hands-on training sessions, which are limited to a small number of participants, cover the entire curriculum. Participants can expect to leave with a deep understanding of the subject matter and valuable skills that they can apply in their careers.


Welcome to the Best Cosmetology Courses in India, brought to you by Dr. Sufi’s Cosmetology Academy! Here, beauty intertwines with expertise to offer you an immersive educational journey. At Dr. Sufi’s Cosmetology Academy, we take pride in our comprehensive curriculum, seamlessly blending the artistry of cosmetology with the precision of aesthetic medicine.

Our institute stands tall in the industry, embracing cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure our students not only receive education but also gain the skills demanded by the ever-evolving beauty landscape. With industry-renowned faculty, hands-on workshops, and a commitment to personalized mentorship, Dr. Sufi’s Cosmetology Institute goes beyond being just an educational institution – it’s a launchpad for aspiring beauty professionals to turn their passion into a successful and fulfilling career.

Dr. Sufi’s Cosmetology Courses offer an in-depth study of two key industries: cosmetology and trichology, backed by decades of experience in beauty and training. With job-oriented training covering all aspects of beauty and wellness, including Makeup, Hair Care, Cosmetology, Skin Care, and Nail Art, Dr. Sufi’s Cosmetology Courses prepare you for careers in the beauty industry.


Our training focuses equally on refining your technical skills and enhancing your soft skills. Through a well-researched curriculum taught by experts from Dr. Sufi’s Cosmetology Institute, we ensure that upon successful completion of your course, you are prepared to work in top salons or pursue independent beautician jobs.

At Dr. Sufi’s Cosmetology Institute, you gain access to the latest equipment and training in the most in-demand skills and techniques. Our courses are designed to help you become a beauty stylist for fashion shows, photo shoots, celebrities, media and entertainment companies, and beauty enthusiasts.


In today’s rapidly growing beauty industry, there’s a constant need for excellently-trained, creative artists. The demand for skilled makeup artists within the beauty industry is immense, and you need to carve out your place. That’s why Ranjana’s Beauty Academy ensures that every aspiring student pursues professional hair, beauty parlour, and makeup courses in Mumbai.

With the aim of sharing our 25 years of knowledge and expertise with budding beauticians, we established Ranjana’s Beauty Academy. It’s a one-stop solution for those looking to build a splendid career in the fields of Beauty, Hair, and Makeup.

Join us on a journey where creativity, innovation, and expertise converge to shape the future leaders of the beauty and aesthetic industry.

Dr. Sufia Shaikh

Dr. Sufia is a remarkable healthcare professional with 13 years experienec in healthcare filed. She understand that becoming a doctor takes time, so she decided to train individuals cosmetology to help gain essential skills to be an entrepreneur. She knows that being a cosmetologist is tough, but it’s also rewarding for those who wants to start own business in cosmetics.
She has an impressive career in homoeopathic medicine spanning over 13 years. She’s been always achiever academically. She is been trained under one of the top most gynocologist of Mumbai.
In her work, Sufia helps people with a variety of health issues, like skin problems, chronic diseases, and addiction. She doesn’t just treat patients – she also teaches other doctors and cosmetologists how to help people with homeopathy and modern methods.

Why Cosmetology,Trichology & Product Formulation Course By Dr.Sufis

We’re committed to helping every student become the best and most skilled beautician they can be. That’s why each course we offer is overseen and led by experts who bring both deep theoretical understanding and hands-on practical experience to the table.

Our Vision

To prep the students for the Cosmetology & Trichology industry with the latest knowledge on the most recent state-of-the-art developments in medical aesthetics and to empower them to lead in the professional environment.

Our Mission

ICAM's mission is to get Medical Professionals & Doctors ready for the chances in Aesthetic Medicine by getting them to specialize in training for Dermatology, Cosmetology, and Trichology practice through advanced courses in the latest medical technology.

Why Us

Qualified experts in the field deliver lectures and demonstrations, providing step-by-step guidance on all aesthetic procedures, discussing recent advances, offering advice on starting and managing your own setup, and addressing medico-legal aspects, while also sharing tried and tested protocols with students.

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